Top Three Areas of Your Home to Update to Get the Biggest Cash Return in Eugene (VIDEO)

Top Three Areas to Update to Get You the Biggest Cash Return On Your Eugene Flip

Welcome back to part two of “How To Flip Your Home.” Today, we’re going to go over the top three areas to update, to get you the biggest cash return when you go to sell your home. 

Now, when you think about these three areas, they’re really quite simple. 

When you look at a home you have to think of it from the buyer’s perspective. When you walk into it, what are the most important parts of the house that people utilize. 

#1: The Kitchen

If you have a kitchen that’s been dated with out-of-date cabinets the first thing you want do is make everything look light and bright. 

The first option to save you the most money is to paint the cabinets. If you’ve got old oak cabinets, people are good with having those cabinets painted white because they’re still in style but they’re just a little bit of out of date with the color. 

If your cabinets are just in bad shape or they’re really cheap and they’re particle board and they just weren’t good from the beginning, then the next thing you want to do is replace all those cabinets. And there’s a lot of local places that you can go to to get your cabinets replaced. Now, you don’t want custom cabinets. You just want good box cabinets that have a custom look to it, and you want to go white every single time on those cabinets because white is one of those colors that people are good with over time. 

The Countertops

Do you have laminate countertops? Do you have old tile countertops? If so, definitely update. The hottest thing out on the market is quartz. That neutral-looking quartz is by far the best look right now. I like the gray quartz and I like the white quartz with gray streaks through it. If you want to go a little bit fancier that’s one of the things that you can do. 

#2: The Bathroom

What does the bathroom look like? That’s the second place that most people spend time in and they really like it to look nice. Do you have an old yellowish tub or one of those old pink tubs? If so, the best thing you can do is repaint that tub. White and bright is the best option. 

If you’re not going to keep that tub because the tub is just too old and it’s too beat up and you pull it out, just a nice deep fiberglass tub is perfect with tile on the walls. And again that vanity cabinet is another important thing. Just make sure it’s nice, clean, and white-looking with a nice top to it. 

And the third thing in your bathroom, which is kind of an odd one, is the vanity fixture. That’s a statement piece that you can have in a bathroom that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on, but you can do a nice vanity light and a lot of homes that are dated have those old circular-style bulb lights and they just don’t look very good. 

That’s the one place where you can get massive value by spending just a little bit of money. 

#3: The Master Bedroom

People who buy the home love to have a nice master bedroom. I know I love a nice master bedroom because it’s your sanctuary inside your house. The first thing to do is check out the floor. What’s on the floor. Not just for the bedroom, but the entire home. If you can do a neutral floor throughout the whole house, that is a great way to go. It’s what we do in almost all of our houses. And we like the kind of wood-look ones that are gray. And that can roll into your master. But if you go with carpeting, pick a really nice neutral color and have a nice fresh carpet in your bedroom. 

Inside the master bedroom, if there’s a master bathroom, that again is another important place to update. Do the exact same thing here that we did to the other bathroom, but maybe a little bit of fancier detail in the tile just give it a little bit more pop. 

So today part two of “How To Flip Your Home,” is the three areas that can add massive value to updating your home. And again, the kitchen, the bath, and the master bedroom are the top three things. 

And if you need help with figuring all that stuff out and coming up with a plan, that’s something that Grand Real Estate Investment actually does. We actually can sit down with you, identify all the targeted things in your house that you should update over time or immediately, right before you sell your home to help you extract massive value out of your home. We’re talking 50 to 100,000 extra dollars out of your home on top of the repairs when you do this process right. And that’s exactly what we’re here to help you do.

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