The Top Three Things That Will Prevent Your Home From Being Sold On the Market (VIDEO)

The Top Three Things That Will Prevent Your Home From Being Sold On the Eugene Market

-Robert Grand
Grand Real Estate Investments

A lot of people ask if they could get more money out of their home by listing it vs. selling it to a cash buyer. And the answer is yes, but there are some critical factors that won’t even allow you to have conventional financing, VA financing, or FHA financing. Those are the three main types of financing and if you have a property that’s rundown and it’s looking pretty questionable, you’re going to want to go through these top three things and make sure at least these three things are good.

Home Roof

The number one question: What’s going on with the roof? What’s the age of the roof? What’s the condition of the roof? Does the roof look extremely worn out? Does it look like it’s got missing shingles? S

Home Foundation

The next thing that you really want to pay close attention to is the foundation. Are there cracks greater than a half an inch? If you have obvious settling with the foundation, that’s going to be a really hard to get through regular financing. Those are gonna be issues that you’re gonna have to deal with before you can actually get it sold.

Home Wall Damage

Now, the last thing that you’re going to deal with are major, major holes through the wall from the interior of the house to the exterior of the house. A few years ago, we bought a house that had multiple holes cut through it (we don’t know why). That house just could not be sold on the conventional market. It could not be sold FHA or VA, and we had to go through and fix, rip out a bunch of drywall, fix the exterior, and fix the insulation in between it. That’s another big red flag that will cost you to sell your home.

Roof, Foundation, and Walls

If you can fix those three things on a property, there’s a high likelihood that you can get it sold on the market and get yourself a little bit more money. If you don’t want to fix those three things, then your best alternative is to sell it to a cash home buyer like Grand Real Estate Investments. We can come in and we can fix it all up and we can take care of that whole process for you.

So if you would like a cash home offer on your home, give us a call at 541-249-5990 or just fill out the form on this page! Have a great day.

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