Sell Your House for Cash To An Investor Vs. Listing With A Realtor In Eugene OR?

Selling Your Home To an Investor Vs. Listing With a Real Estate Agent in Eugene Oregon

Selling Your Home To a Eugene Investor Vs. Listing With a Real Estate Agent

-Robert Grand

Why would you sell your home to an investor versus listing it with a real estate agent? 

It’s a good question. Why should I accept a cash offer on my house versus just listing it? 

Selling To a Eugene Investor

And the answer depends on your situation. A lot of people need a cash offer on their home because they have to speed up the process and solve a problem. They could be going through a divorce, foreclosure, an inherited property situation, or the property is just too run down to actually put it into multiple listing services. 

Those are all situations that would make a lot of sense to sell your home to an investor versus listing it on the market. 

What happens if you sell to an investor versus list it on the market? There’s a big price difference in what you actually get for your home when you sell to an investor. And the reason behind that is because it’s done by the numbers. Investing is a numbers game and there has to be a profit built into it. A lot of people get upset when they get cash offers and they’re unrealistic about the actual offer price because they think they should just be able to sell it to an investor, get a cash offer and cut out the real estate fees. 

The purpose of real estate investing is to have an investment that has equity so you can refinance it or sell it and make a profit.

When Listing Your Home Is a Better Option

Now, if price is important, and you have more than 45 days, then putting your home on the market with a Grand Real Estate Investments would be the smart thing to do. 

And the reason is you’re going to get more money. When you put your home in the market and it’s done right, it’s going to get you the best price. 

So in the end, selling to a cash investor can be a really great thing if the situation warrants. But if you have the time, then listing your Eugene home with Grand Real Estate Investments is the best way to get the highest and best offer on your home. 

Grand Real Estate Investments Does Both

But everything is situational-dependent and everybody’s situation is different. So if you would like to sell your home to a cash home buyer, or try and get more by listing it, then give me a call at Grand Real Estate Investments because that’s exactly what we’ll do. We’ll walk you through the path of cash vs. listing. We do both at Grand Real Estate Investments. We’re happy to assist you with the whole process to make it happen. 

That way you get your problems solved and your home is taken care of the way that you want it to be taken care of. 

With that, give me a call at (541) 249-5990. Or go to our website Have a great day.

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