How Much Will a Cash Home Buyer Pay For Your Eugene Home? (VIDEO)

How Much Will a Cash Home Buyer Pay For Your Eugene Home?
It’s a great question that we’re asked all the time. We’re in the home buying business at Grand Real Estate Investments.
A cash home buyer actually goes off of a very simple principle for purchasing homes: 75% of the after repaired value minus the repair costs.

The Cash Buyer Formula

Let’s take a round number of $100,000. Imagine your home, in perfect condition, was worth $100,000. The investor will pay 75% after the repaired value, minus the rehab cost, or the work that needs to be done to the home. So right off the bat, you know that the investor is willing to pay $75,000 for a home that’s in really good condition.
Again, keeping it simple, let’s imagine your home needs $25,000 worth of work. $25,000 of repairs off the 75k makes an offer price to the owner of $50,000.
Now, again, we’re using a hundred thousand dollars, which is a pretty low number to purchase a home in Oregon, but it allows us to work through the process.

Don’t Accept a Cash Offer If…

Now, you shouldn’t accept the cash offer on your home, unless you have some sort of a big factor going on in your life. Only consider a cash offer if you’re facing a foreclosure, you’ve inherited a property, you’re getting divorced, or there’s just a timing situation requiring you get rid of the home quickly.

If you would like some help and you need a cash offer on your home, fill out the form below and we can help you walk through that cash purchase price and get it figured out for you. Also if you do want to get your home listed, Grand Real Estate Investments also offers that service.

And remember, if you have four months, five months, or six months of time before you need to get your home sold, listing your home on the market will obviously net you more money. And that is always the best option versus taking the cash on price.

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